Get Involved

“I am only one… I cannot do everything, but I can do something.
I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can.”
– Edward E. Hale


Thank you for checking out how you can get involved with The Forsaken Children. You can make a difference and there are all sorts of ways that you can do so! No amount is too little in advancing the cause of lasting hope for Ethiopia.

Here are a few ways in which YOU can get involved to help bring LASTING HOPE FOR ETHIOPIA. The listed suggestions are explained in more detail and information further down the page, so definitely scroll down and take a look! You can make a difference!

  • Pray with Us
  • Get the Word Out
  • Donate Monthly
  • Give a Donation in Honor of Someone
  • Receive our Monthly Newsletter
  • Gift Giving Options
  • Collect Your Pocket Change
  • Host a Bunko/Game Night
  • Follow us on Twitter & Facebook
  • Throw a Yard Sale or Garage Sale
  • Write a Blog Post about TFC
  • Host an Aerobics Nights
  • Host a Dessert Party
  • Follow our Blog & Share with Others
  • Host a Dinner or BBQ

If you have any questions or additional creative ways in which you’ve helped support and raise funds for The Forsaken Children, please email us here.


Pray With Us

Prayer is powerful and we believe in a God that hears our prayers and requests. Psalm 17:6 says, “I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer.” And again in Psalm 116:1-2 , “I love the LORD, for he heard my voice; he heard my cry for mercy. Because he turned his ear to me, I will call on him as long as I live.” We are so thankful for your prayers.

General ways you can pray today:

  • Pray for the 60,000+ street children in Addis Ababa and throughout Ethiopia. Pray specifically for an end to this street child epidemic.
  • Pray for the Ethiopian staff of The Forsaken Children’s partner projects. Pray specifically for encouragement in the midst of daunting circumstances.
  • Pray for The Forsaken Children as it endeavors to support its partner projects both financially and in their development.

Get the Word Out

Become an advocate for the street children of Ethiopia. Help spread the word about The Forsaken Children and get others involved. Feel free to contact us for literature to share with others.


Donate Monthly

Monthly donations are such a blessing to The Forsaken Children. The funds that come consistently month to month help The Forsaken Children budget more accurately and know where the pursuit of new ministry opportunities is financial viable. We so appreciate your faithful giving, whether $5 or $100 per month, and work hard to use the money in the most efficient ways. The Forsaken Children takes stewardship very seriously because it is an essential part of everything we do. We recognize that every resource entrusted to us can transform children’s lives and work to share the lasting hope of Christ. As part of our stewardship, we work to optimize resources and distribute them where they are most needed.

Click Here to Make an Online Donation …

Give By Mail
Send your check payable to:

The Forsaken Children
P.O. Box 381483
Germantown, Tennessee 38183-1483


Give in Honor of Someone

Make a donation to The Forsaken Children in honor of someone. This option allows you to honor someone on his or her birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other occasion with a gift to The Forsaken Children. You can also give in memory of a loved one who has passed away.

With an “in honor of someone” donation, The Forsaken Children will send a card acknowledging your gift to the person you specify to be honored or to the family of the deceased.

Please send your donation to The Forsaken Children (online or via mail) and include a note containing the following:

  • The name and address of the person to be honored, or
  • The family name and address of the deceased if giving in memory of someone, and/or
  • The occasion being celebrated


Receive our Monthly Newsletter

SIGN UP to receive The Forsaken Children’s monthly newsletter at the right of this page. This monthly update will keep you in the loop with the latest happenings at TFC, as well as give you an opportunity to hear from The Forsaken Children’s Director, Joe Bridges. We respect your e-mail privacy.


Gift Giving Options

Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, thank you, or beyond, you can give your friends and loved ones the gift of lasting hope for Ethiopia. You can choose to purchase book bags with supplies, eggs for the Kota Ganate’s Hatchery or pay the school tuition for a beneficiary. With the purchase of one of these items you not only provide for Ethiopia’s at risk but also receive a card to give your loved one stating what was purchased for them and how it affects the children of Ethiopia. Find out more here.


Collect Your Pocket Change

The Lord is able to multiply any amount we give, especially when He calls us to do so (Luke 9:10-17). Plus a little adds up over time! Get your children involved and create a change jar to collect funds for The Forsaken Children. Throw your leftover pocket change into a jar for a month and donate the collected funds to The Forsaken Children. It’s amazing how quickly it all adds up. This is an excellent way to partner with TFC as a family.


Host a Bunko/Game Night

Are you in a bunko group? What if your group foregoes prizes one month a year and instead donates the “winnings” to the Forsaken Children instead.

Host a bunko or game night for friends, family, or church members – invite people to come, play, fellowship, and bring an amount to donate to The Forsaken Children. Take the time to share about the street children of Ethiopia and how they can and will make a difference through their participation in your game night. Feel free to contact us for literature about TFC to share at your event.


Follow us on Twitter & Facebook

The Forsaken Children is connected to the social network. You can click any of the links to the right of your screen to get connected to our social network profiles. Follow us today!


Throw a Yard Sale or Garage Sale

Ready to clean out your attic or get rid of those items cluttering the home? Sell your items for a greater cause. Throw a yard sale or garage sale and donate the proceeds to The Forsaken Children. Host the sale by yourself or get your neighbors, your Sunday School class, or extended family involved.

You can even have a Bake Sale too!


Write a Blog Post about TFC

Have a blog? You can make a difference!

Advocate for lasting hope for Ethiopia by taking the time to write a post about The Forsaken Children. Share what has drawn you to us, our ministry, and makes you want others want to know. Write about a story you read from our website and/or blog and tell others how it moved you, challenged you, or called you to action. Already giving to TFC, write about what led you to partner with us.

Regardless of how big or small, your blog has followers and simply writing a post about The Forsaken Children begins to spread the word. Thank you! Invite others to get involved and make a difference today!


Host an Aerobics Night

Do you teach aerobics? Love working out? Know an aerobics teacher that would love to teach a few sessions free for a good cause? If aerobics (kickboxing, zumba, step, etc) is your thing, you can use your hobby or talent to raise money and awareness for The Forsaken Children. Anyone can pull an event like this together.

What does this look like? Set a date. Set a time. Get an instructor. Charge a fee. Spread the word – invite your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone in between.

An event like this is a great way to get a variety of people involved with the cause. Bring the world of fellowship, fun activity, and fundraising together. Enjoy the time as a group working out and have an opportunity to share the mission of The Forsaken Children and raise funds along the way.


Host a Dessert Party

What’s a dessert party? Just what it sounds like – invite folks over for some dessert.

The special thing about this dessert party, however, is that The Forsaken Children will be the focus. Invite folks to join you for delicious desserts, fellowship, and an opportunity to learn about The Forsaken Children and hear how they too can get involved.

If you’re a resident of the Memphis, TN or Sanford, NC area, invite a TFC board member to join the party and share the vision and mission of The Forsaken Children (email us here to set up a date). For those outside these areas, contact us and we will be happy to send you information, literature, and details on what you can share about TFC during your party.

Dessert parties are an awesome, intimate setting that gives your guests an opportunity to hear the heartbeat of The Forsaken Children. It creates a comfortable, low key environment for you to advocate for the children of Ethiopia and invite others to be a part of the cause.


Follow our Blog & Share with Others

Subscribe to our blog today!

The Forsaken Children’s blog is great way to stay involved and in the know about upcoming projects, campaigns, happenings on the ground of Ethiopia, and stories of change, hope, and love. As we post weekly on our blog, we encourage you to comment on the posts and share the ones that impact, encourage, or challenge you with others.


Host a Dinner or BBQ

Create a food event that raises funds for The Forsaken Children. Make it a one time deal or an annual event! Host a dinner, BBQ, crawfish boil, fish fry, or whatever works best for you… charge folks a standard amount, feed them, subtract your food expenses, and donate the proceeds. Such an event creates a great time for food, fun, fellowship, and raises money for an excellent cause!


Giving Options

As you can see, there are many ways you can give to The Forsaken Children. We welcome you to choose the option that works best for you. Go to How Support Is Used to better understand how you help The Forsaken Children with your financial gifts. If you have any questions about donations please email us or call 901.301.2386.