Nega Shares Desse’s Story

In this video Nega Meaza shares Desse’s amazing story of leaving the streets forever. Visit the Permanently His page to learn how Nega’s visit to the U.S. will impact many more children after he returns to Ethiopia. Joe and Karyn BridgesWe are really just ordinary people who have fallen in love with the people of […]

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Only One Thing is Needed

By Rachael Burnett. I wish everyone could get to know Nega. Nega is the director of TFC’s on the ground efforts in Ethiopia. Honestly, I’ve only “known” him for a short while— the only time I’ve been around him and seen him in action was for a short week this summer while on my first […]

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A Son for Nega and Emebet!

Benny is a miracle baby. The Lord had to open many doors to make it possible for Nega and Emebet to have a child of their very own.


Our Priority – How it Impacted 400 Children

I looked out after the Gospel was shared and saw children weeping. Fifty-eight people came to know Jesus Christ and more than 400 children heard the Gospel!

September Update From Nega – Salvations, School’s In, and more

Each week I, Joe Bridges, talk with Nega Meaza, Director of Onesimus, to discuss important matters affecting him, the ministry, and the children both The Forsaken Children and Onesimus exist for. I am often privy to some very encouraging news on such calls that I would like to start sharing with you each month. These […]

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Family Reintegration

Watch Alemayu's Reunion With His Mother, a beautiful success story unfolded for you in the video above:

Alemayu, an 11-year-old boy, was taken from his home in rural Ethiopia when he was 7-years-old to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Capital. Seen here is the moment he sees his mother for the first time after being gone for 4 years. Thanks to The Forsaken Children and especially their ground efforts in Ethiopia, Alemayu is now living with his family again.

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