Team Ethiopia: Welcome Ceremony

Today was the first day of being with the children and it was such a blessing! From the minute we drove into the Lutheran church the children were there smiling and waving. As soon as we stepped out of the van the children were right there laughing and hugging us. Their smiling faces were enough to make me forget about everything that we had passed on the way in. All the traffic, rain, and gloom were suddenly gone and all we could see were the bright smiling faces that welcomed us. Having the children be so open to hugs and holding hands was something I had never experienced before and it was one of the best feelings in the world. To see the love that they had for us even when they did not know us was something that I will never forget.

Team Ethiopia: Not Ashamed

What a day we have had! 24 hours of flying and we are here safe and sound. Thank you to all of you who prayed for safe and smooth travel because those prayers were answered. Every flight, every ticket, every security check, fell right into place with no problems. God didn’t stop at just our physical needs. He allowed us to experience His creative power in a magnificent sunrise at over 35,000 feet, above the clouds.

Team Ethiopia: He Provides

As I sit here in the terminal at Dullis International Airport, I have a strange grouping of emotions. I’ve already seen God’s amazing provision even before we have left the country. Our flights were pleasant and on time, or team slept well and we’re in good spirits. All 14 of our checking bags are accounted for and ready to go. No one is sick, no one is tired . . . God is amazing.

Team Ethiopia: In Closing

Today was the LAST day in Ethiopia. It was bittersweet with tears and laughter. We headed to Entoto – up the mountain – to do the Street Race associated with the “Run Your Street 5K” with the kids.   We were a little bit ahead of schedule to meet the kids, so we stopped part way up the mountain and …

Team Ethiopia: Day 9 (Friday)

Thank you for prayers. The team is feeling better and healthy!  This day was all about the staff of The Forsaken Children/Onesimus. We headed out to Sodere, which is about 2 hours east of Addis Ababa. Three other missionaries – Bria, Jody and Hannah from the US joined us. Karyn Bridges also joined us and we chatted in the van …

Team Ethiopia: Day 8

Blog Day 8 (Thursday)   Bradley here! Today was fantastic! I woke up extra early this morning to prepare for my lesson I taught today. I went upstairs to the top floor, set my papers down, and glanced out the window. When I looked out, I saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. After gazing at God’s artwork …