Dawit's tent

Farm Life in Chencha

People often shutter when we mention our living conditions in Chencha; no running water, pit latrine for bathroom, electricity most of the time, internet if we’re lucky, and a lack of most modern conveniences.

Job and his art

Job is Ready to Go Home

Today, “Job is a leader at the center…who is ready to be reunited with his family,” says Nega Meaza, director of the drop-in center.


Silver Lining

Recently, God used an Ethiopian girl to teach me a lesson. It isn’t anything profound, I suppose, but it was something I needed to learn.

two prong

TFC’s Plan to Help Prevent Child Trafficking in Ethiopia

Many children from southern Ethiopia are taken each year to provide forced labor for the weaving industry in Addis Ababa. These children, after years of labor and abuse, will eventually find themselves trapped on the streets of Addis Ababa.

Leaving Hospital photo

A Son for Nega and Emebet!

Benny is a miracle baby. The Lord had to open many doors to make it possible for Nega and Emebet to have a child of their very own.

Rahel in new school uniform.

More Than Numbers

One of the primary values that TFC and Onesimus were founded upon is to focus on deeply impacting the individual lives of the children and families that we serve. Rather than focusing on numbers we focus on individuals. Individuals like Rahel.

Screen shot 2012-11-22 at 8.21.29 PM

What do you eat on Christmas?

We asked 6 year-old Nati what he likes to eat on Christmas? We were a little surprised by his answer – how about you?

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Dawit checking on the chickens

On the Farm Update #3 – Chickens

Although apples were the idea that sparked the project initially, poultry has now taken a leading role in our plans for the farm. It is actually a dual strategy, a one-two punch, if you will. Apples are a long-term sustainability strategy, requiring about 5 years to produce significant income. Chickens, on the other hand, are […]

On the Farm Update #2 – Apples

Since the idea of growing apples was the first thing that brought us to Ethiopia, I thought it fitting to share this aspect of the farm next in this series of updates. Apple production started in Chencha 10-15 years ago and has since become a very important part of the economy in that area. Many […]

Cow Grazing in the Mist

On The Farm Update #1 – Welcome to the Farm

We’ve drifted into the new year here in Ethiopia. The celebrations are over now, and we are settling into the pace of life in 2005. (That’s not a typo – the Ethiopian calender is about 7.5 years behind the Western calender). The rains should stop this week, which signals a time of wait and watch […]

Family Reintegration

Watch Alemayu's Reunion With His Mother, a beautiful success story unfolded for you in the video above:

Alemayu, an 11-year-old boy, was taken from his home in rural Ethiopia when he was 7-years-old to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Capital. Seen here is the moment he sees his mother for the first time after being gone for 4 years. Thanks to The Forsaken Children and especially their ground efforts in Ethiopia, Alemayu is now living with his family again.

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