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What do you eat on Christmas?

We asked 6 year-old Nati what he likes to eat on Christmas? We were a little surprised by his answer – how about you?

Dawit checking on the chickens

On the Farm Update #3 – Chickens

Although apples were the idea that sparked the project initially, poultry has now taken a leading role in our plans for the farm. It is actually a dual strategy, a one-two punch, if you will. Apples are a long-term sustainability strategy, requiring about 5 years to produce significant income. Chickens, on the other hand, are our short-term strategy. Poultry production …

Cow Grazing in the Mist

On The Farm Update #1 – Welcome to the Farm

We’ve drifted into the new year here in Ethiopia. The celebrations are over now, and we are settling into the pace of life in 2005. (That’s not a typo – the Ethiopian calender is about 7.5 years behind the Western calender). The rains should stop this week, which signals a time of wait and watch as crops which were planted …