DownLine Team: Why go to Ethiopia?

Meet the DownLine Ministries and Medical Missions 2011 team. The Forsaken Children have partnered with the local Memphis, TN ministry DownLine to help send a group of Christ followers to love, support, care, encourage, disciple, and teach the people we love in Ethiopia.

In the following days, you will find on this blog a day by day testimony of how God moves in and through this group of men and women to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ with those they come in contact.

The 2011 September DownLine Ministries & Medical Mission Trip Team

This trip has several points of focus and is working in a multitude of ways:

1. The trip started as a means to bring Downline Ministries to Ethiopia to train the Onesimus Children Development Association staff with discipleship tools. This expanded to being offered to others outside of Onesimus – Seminary students, local pastors, and other church leaders. They will host 2 conferences, training approximately 150 Ethiopian men and women in all.

2. Many medical professionals in Memphis are involved in Downline Ministries, so through those relationships a medical team came together. This team is the first medical team TFC has helped send and really the first full clinic that will be held at Onesimus. The medical team will hold a clinic on the Onesimus compound, seeing approximately 100-200 people per day for 3 days. The patients will be a mixture of Onesimus beneficiaries, their family members, and community members. An excellent opportunity to provide health care and minister to the patients.

3. Finally, several members of the team will be focusing on financial sustainability for Onesimus. This group will be meeting with The Forsaken Children’s Sustainability Coordinator, Jonathan Brides and Onesimus Director, Nega about Kota Ganate, as well as networking in Addis. They will also be traveling to visit a chicken hatchery.

We are so excited to see what God has in store for this group! The Forsaken Children thanks the men and women who have given up much to be on this trip, and the families that have sent them. May God get the glory!

Kelly and Heather McGugan

In June 2010, we traveled to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on a short term mission trip. For just over a week, we were able to invest in The Forsaken Children’s partner ministry, Onesimus, and therefore fall in love with the children and community it serves. Since our first experience in Ethiopia, we have jumped in with both feet to serve The Forsaken Children. Heather served as a board member for 2 years before taking a 2 year leave of absence and has now returned to the board as Chairman. Kelly spent several years serving as the Volunteer Sports Ministry Coordinator, board member, and has led multiple trips back to Ethiopia - both of us working hard to advocate “lasting hope for Ethiopia”. We live in Collierville, TN with our son, Kyler and two dogs and attend Central Church. Kelly is a project manager for a marketing and communications company. Heather is a nurse.

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2 Responses to “DownLine Team: Why go to Ethiopia?”
  1. Lynn Feathers says:

    Can’t wait to read the blog from the medical mission trip….Have heard that you have arrived safely and now resting…I know it must be exhausting just getting there. Will pray for patience until you have time to get started and then relay back to us here about how things are going. Nicci, I saw where you already had a chance to spend a little time with the children, I know you are in heaven. Sending love from home!

  2. Britainy Sholl says:

    Great group photo! Your faces say it all! Shine your light for Christ!!!!!! Love, Britainy

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