Give Me Five


A touch, a hand shake, a high five, a pat on the back, and a hug convey love, acceptance, and care. But for a child living on the streets of Ethiopia, touch often has a violent connotation.


As we continue to partner with the Onesimus Developmental Center, we are reminded that it is through your involvement and support of TFC that these children have the opportunity to learn about a different touch. A touch that loves. A touch that helps. A touch that promises hope.

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Only preaching the Gospel to street kids or just giving them handouts isn’t enough. That is why we are so thankful for our partnership with  Onesimus. Essentially, we provide the finances needed for Onesimus to do both – preach the     Gospel and provide for tangible needs. They in turn reunite families, run the Halfway Homes, feed the children, send them to school, and        minister to their hearts.

As we work towards empowering Onesimus to be self-sustaining through projects like Chicks for Change, we hope to build more partnerships in the future.


How do we minister to the homeless?

  • Provide food  ($3 per child/mthly)
  • Provide school tuition ($5 per child/mthly)
  • Provide a Halfway Home ($60-$70 per child/mthly)
  • Integrate homeless children back into their families when possible.
  • Mentor and disciple homeless children through the Onesimus Developmental Center (open daily)
  • Give Hope to the hopeless.
  • Share Christ with the homeless.


Giving five is easy!


Click here and schedule a monthly donation of $5.00 (or more). A few dollars for you is the difference between a meal or the ability to go to school for these children.


Thank you for partnering with us to give hope to Ethiopia!

Your gifts enable us to reach children who need a hug.

You help us show the homeless that there is hope.

Request a Change Jar sticker and teach to your children the value of giving.


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