We at The Forsaken Children believe that hope is available to Ethiopia’s children at risk through hearing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leaving the streets, and becoming part of a family. It is our belief that all these things can occur through Ethiopian ran projects. It is therefore our intent to help Ethiopian projects become better equipped to minister to the children God places in their care.

Currently we work with the following projects:

Family Reintegration

Watch Alemayu's Reunion With His Mother, a beautiful success story unfolded for you in the video above:

Alemayu, an 11-year-old boy, was taken from his home in rural Ethiopia when he was 7-years-old to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Capital. Seen here is the moment he sees his mother for the first time after being gone for 4 years. Thanks to The Forsaken Children and especially their ground efforts in Ethiopia, Alemayu is now living with his family again.

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