Chicks For Change

Join The Forsaken Children –

Change the Future of Ethiopian Children!




the building of a hatchery in Ethiopia:

The Kota Ganate chicken hatchery concept was developed by our Ethiopian partner
project, the Onesimus Children Development Association.


Ethiopian families, keeping them together:

The sale of hatched chicks multiplies your support, therefore providing children the
opportunity to go to school, receive daily meals, and stay at home.


the rebuilding of broken Ethiopian families:

The hatchery will provide in-country funding for Onesimus, which provides Christ-centered mentoring
and Ethiopian family building for street children and victims of child trafficking.


What YOU can do:

• Make a Pledge and DONATE TODAY to Chicks for Change

• Start a Chicks for Change jar with your family, co-workers or Sunday school
(check out Chicks for Change and You)

• Spread the word about Chicks for Change

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