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“I want to put my coins (normally saved for gum) in the Chicks jar mommy, so I can help the kids in Ethiopia,” my 4-year-old Jack explained two weeks ago.


Karyn Bridges with friend and Onesimus beneficiary, Sarah

My friend, Sarah, and me at Onesimus in 2010

Have you ever wondered how you could teach your children that life has a deeper meaning than acquiring the things we want? Or maybe you’re the one who needs the lesson!

My name is Karyn Bridges and I was in deep need of that lesson prior to living in Ethiopia for over a year. When I returned to America in 2010, my life was different. For the first time, I understood that there is a world out there – a huge one – where life is not what I have known as an American.

The things I once lived for – nice clothes, immaculate home, etc. – couldn’t be what I lived for anymore.

Since returning home, I have been learning that I must be deliberate about teaching my children that the “American Dream” is not THE GOAL in life.

Karyn and Jess with Chicks for Change Jars

Jess and me with our Chicks for Change Jars

The Chicks for Change Campaign was birthed out of this journey my sister-in-law, Jess, and I have been on. It all started with our own Chicks for Change Jars, which are old jars we use to collect loose change. As we put coins in, our kids, Jack, McLaine and Dawit, understand that when the jars are full we will give the money to help start the Kota Ganate chicken hatchery in Ethiopia.

I’ve been learning how such a simple thing as a coin jar can help my children focus on a hurting world that needs Christ rather than on the STUFF that surrounds them.

Start your own Chicks for Change Jar today! It’s so easy to do – Just ask baby Silas…

Dawit with Chicks for Change Jar

Dawit loves Chicks for Change!

  1. Get an empty jar (we use an old spaghetti sauce jar)
  2. Email us here to get a Chicks for Change sticker to apply to your jar (make sure to give us your address and how many stickers you need)
  3. Fill your jar with change
  4. Talk about Ethiopia (use the stories and pics here to help motivate you)
  5. Send in your donations to help start the amazing Kota Ganate chicken hatchery

Donate Here or mail contributions to The Forsaken Children, Chicks for Change, P.O. Box 381483, Germantown, TN 38183

Biruky, Noah and Myra doing Chicks for Change

Leah, TFC friend and partner, introduced Chicks for Change to her kiddos, who love it! Here's three of them with their jars - Biruky, Noah and Myra

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