Sustainability: Kota Ganate

Kota Ganate represents The Forsaken Children’s (TFC) commitment to sustainability. Through the Kota Ganate Agriculture Project TFC aims to:

  1. Support the street child restoration ministry in Lideta (Addis Ababa), Ethiopia via sustainable income generation
  2. Reduce child trafficking in southern Ethiopia via improved agricultural production and economic growth

Kota Ganate means “Hidden Garden” in the tribal language of the area, Gomonia.

Kota Ganate Today

Kota Ganate's staff

Kota Ganate’s staff

Planting apple seedlings

Planting apple seedlings

Kota Ganate (KG) began as approximately 25 acres of unused, grassy fields. This unused land now contains an apple orchard and nursery, facilities and fields for poultry production, and fields for production of vegetables. The farm produces apples, apple seedlings and rootstocks, chickens, and vegetables such as carrots, beets, cabbage, and garlic – all of which are sold at local markets. The Kota Ganate staff consists of 16 men and women from the local community.

With KG's support local children (pictured above) are able to stay in school and their families receive assistance

With KG’s support local children (pictured above) are able to stay in school and their families receive assistance

The Kota Ganate Hatchery – Why it’s Important

KG's Manager, Aragahegn  with hatching eggs

KG’s Manager, Aragahegn with hatching eggs

A new flock of parent birds

A new flock of parent birds

Currently at Kota Ganate we are focusing largely on hatchery production of chickens. This is much more difficult and costly to begin than meat or egg production, but it accomplishes  more for rural farmers. By breeding and hatching quality, productive chicks and making them available to local farmers we allow them to produce a very valuable product and to  tap into a market which has been largely closed to them in the past (poultry products are in high demand throughout Ethiopia). While the farmers receive benefits, TFC’s street child restoration ministry also benefits with income from the sale of chicks.

The Hatchery facilities

KG’s hatchery facilities



One of The Forsaken Children’s objectives is to help organizations in direct contact with children living on the streets in Ethiopia become self-sustaining. Sustainability is a two-part process. It requires generating additional resources to combat ever-growing problems, and it also  requires reducing the resources needed by preventing the problems sending children to the streets in the first place.

One of those problems is child trafficking. Click here to read more about how TFC and Kota Ganate are attempting to combat the problem of child trafficking.


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