Amelework’s Story

In Front of Her Old House on the Street

Amelework began coming to Onesimus long before the Drop-In Center opened. As Nega Meaza, Onesimus’s Director, visited the families of the children involved in the street prevention program he often ran into Amelework on the street. Nega invited Amelework to join him and the prevention children on Saturday for their weekly program. Amelework did join them and never missed a Saturday after that. When the Drop-In Center opened Amelework was an instant participant.

Being born to a street woman, Amelework lived her entire first 7 years of life on the streets of Addis Ababa. She spent her days roaming the streets freely and her nights sleeping wherever she could find a spot. Many nights were spent in her mother’s tarp house on a busy street’s median. She would share her tiny sleeping quarters with her mother, step-father, sister, and a friend.

Amelework Today

Amelework is now 8 years old and living in a home with her mother and sister. Both she and her sister began attending school in September, 2008 thanks to Onesimus. Considering her past it is amazing that Amelework loves to come to the Drop-In Center. She loves to play games, participate in catch-up classes (preparation for formal education), and mostly to receive the love of Onesimus’s team. Amelework is reported to have one of the best behaviors of all the children involved in the Drop-In Center.

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