Things to Come

It is so amazing to me when I am able to look back at my life and see the guidance of God’s hand. Jon and I have joked for years that the time we spent in our primitive log cabin was the beginning of this incredible journey the Lord has started for us. We certainly didn’t see the rural country side of Ethiopia anywhere in our future when we started the construction of the cabin or throughout the year or so that we lived there. Now, we can’t help but see how the life that we lived way out in the countryside of Lee County, NC will mirror much of the way that we will live in Chencha, Ethiopia.

 The Kota Ganate Hatchery is set to break ground this summer and that means that our family will leave the relatively western comfort (when I say relatively I mean that it!) to head to Chencha and live on site with the farm and hatchery. The property granted to us by the local government in Chencha includes several small houses (Onesimus compensated the owners for the homes). It is one of these houses that will become our new home.

 Jon has casually been trying to prepare me for what our first months might be like after the move down south. In order to make the transition more positive he has been comparing it to the happy times that we had at the cabin. Recently, he mentioned that the house we will probably move into doesn’t have any plumbing. His spin, “it will be like when we hauled water at the cabin.” He is right, we did haul water and groceries. We also spent our evenings reading by the small light of olive oil lamps. We loved it. I can honestly say my one complaint of our time in the cabin was the heat and humidity of the North Carolina summer. At least in Chencha I won’t have to contend with any temperatures above 80°.

Another huge difference between our time in the cabin and our time in Chencha will be that during our time in the cabin we weren’t parents. Dawit will certainly add a new level of challenges while adjusting to rural Ethiopian life.

For now I’m holding onto Jon’s comparisons of our time off the grid in NC. We really don’t know what our move will be like. Jon will preview the house next week and Dawit, Britta and I won’t head down until probably May. No matter what awaits us in Chencha I know that God has been preparing us and that He will continue to guide us.

 even there Your hand shall lead me; Your right hand shall hold me fast.”  Psalm 139:10

The little house where the Bridges family will live in Chencha.

Jonathan and Jess Bridges

We are Jonathan and Jess Bridges. In 2006 we felt God’s call to join the work that was already being done to help the orphans and street children of Ethiopia through The Forsaken Children. Prior to this call we never really thought that we would do international missions. Jonathan made the leap first and traveled to Ethiopia in January 2008 to make preparations for our visit as a family in May. That summer we were exposed to the beauty and despair that is Ethiopia. Throughout our three month trip, we could see God’s hands at work and His invitation for us to come to Ethiopia long term. Today, we are living in Ethiopia as a family of four (son, Dawit and daughter, Carter). As The Forsaken Children's Sustainability Coordinator we are investing in the work being done to make TFC's on the ground efforts and ministry sustainable from within Ethiopia.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    I took this Sunday afternoon catching up on your blogs. This is so true how you are looking back as to how God has been preparing you to join Him in her plans and work for Ethiopia. It is amazing isn’t it!! I am so proud of both of you as you seek to be obediant to God’s call on your lives! May God’s bless and keep you in His mercy, power, provision and protection. Thank you! love mom

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