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RESCUE We desire to rescue children from the streets of Ethiopia. This process can be short or long depending on each individual child, but much of it takes place at our main ministry location, the drop-in center. The drop-in center is a safe place where children can come off of the streets and receive food, […]


Halfway Home

RESTORE Once a child is rescued from the streets he or she needs a very important thing – a family. We work tirelessly with children to rehabilitate them and then to restore them back to the family they need to develop as any child should. Children who have no family able or willing to care […]


Beneficiary 8

REBUILD This is the part of our ministry that allows us to minister to children on the verge of “streetism” and their families. We work with these children and their families to rebuild and strengthen them. A large part of what we do is invest in these children’s education by ensuring they remain in school […]


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Short Term Missions June 2015

  • DSC_0305

    Team Ethiopia: In Closing

    Today was the LAST day in Ethiopia. It was bittersweet with tears and laughter. We headed to Entoto – up the mountain – to do the Street Race associated with the “Run Your Street 5K” with the kids.   We were a little bit ahead of schedule to meet the kids, so we stopped part […]

  • Staff retreat – the staff all wore their Tennessee shirts to represent where our team came from!

    Team Ethiopia: Day 9 (Friday)

    Thank you for prayers. The team is feeling better and healthy!  This day was all about the staff of The Forsaken Children/Onesimus. We headed out to Sodere, which is about 2 hours east of Addis Ababa. Three other missionaries – Bria, Jody and Hannah from the US joined us. Karyn Bridges also joined us and […]

  • Team Ethiopia: Day 8

    Blog Day 8 (Thursday)   Bradley here! Today was fantastic! I woke up extra early this morning to prepare for my lesson I taught today. I went upstairs to the top floor, set my papers down, and glanced out the window. When I looked out, I saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen. […]

  • Cathy using an umbrella to demonstrate the enveloping presence of God.

    Team Ethiopia: Day 7 (Wednesday)

    Four days and twenty hours ago, we arrived in Addis Ababa with much anticipation and excitement, looking forward to what God was going to do. You have read about some of what the Lord has done up to this point and today was no exception. God has been so gracious to us and has blessed […]

  • IMG_4636

    Team Ethiopia: Day 6 (Tuesday)

    Today, Liz led a powerful, interactive message on Red Sea Rule #6 “When unsure, just take the next logical step of faith.” She explained the difficulties the Israelites faced escaping Egypt. The kids participated in a demonstration of the parting of the Red Sea, and enjoyed it very much.

  • IMG_3886

    Team Ethiopia: Day 5 (Monday)

    First day with the kids is finally here!

    The team battled distractions in the morning but made it to the drop-in center to spend a great first day there. Months of hard work and preparation finally came to life and the kids, team and staff were all thrilled to see each other. God really worked in the various stations of the Vacation Bible School and kids were given the opportunity to accept Christ.

  • IMG_4583

    Team Ethiopia: Day 4

    After getting settled in the Bethel Guest House and getting some much-needed sleep, the team is finally starting to get settled in Ethiopia. We started off the day by having a fabulous breakfast prepared by the house staff, sharing memories already made on the trip, and reading and discussing our morning devotionals that were led by Liz.

  • Team SelfieStick after being told to get off the plane with the mouse

    Team Ethiopia: Days 1-3 (Travel/Arrival)

    We had quite an adventurous trek out here, so thanks to those of you who prayed for an adventure! Lots of flight drama, God’s presence was very real and He is always in control, Jesus was preached and our bags came at the same time we did! We saw the Bridges, had amazing coffee, watched a Christian concert performed by our translator Biruk and ate at a Texas themed restaurant called Rodeo!

  • Team Ethiopia 2015 from Central Church

    Team Ethiopia 2015: Central Church

    On Thursday June 18, a team of eight from Central Church left Memphis for Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa to work with the children TFC serves. They will work side by side with the Ethiopian team TFC partners with and work to share Lasting Hope with street children and those at-risk. Each day the team will “check in” and send a report from their day. We look forward to sharing those updates here.

Family Reintegration

Watch Alemayu's Reunion With His Mother, a beautiful success story unfolded for you in the video above:

Alemayu, an 11-year-old boy, was taken from his home in rural Ethiopia when he was 7-years-old to work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s Capital. Seen here is the moment he sees his mother for the first time after being gone for 4 years. Thanks to The Forsaken Children and especially their ground efforts in Ethiopia, Alemayu is now living with his family again.

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