Street Conference - 2016 - listening3

Grace: To Fear and Fears Relieved

Whether you grew up “in the church” or not, these words, published in 1779 by Englishman slave trader turned abolitionist and Gospel preacher, John Newton, most likely ring familiar. This hymn is arguably the most well-known and well-loved of all liturgical tunes. With its timeless theme of redemption—something all people, at some level, long for—its universal appeal is obvious. While the entire song is packed with sucker-punch truths, for me, the beginning of the second verse is striking


Donor Spotlight – Ed & Liz Gillentine

“Being a part of TFC has re-centered our priorities and given us a new perspective on God as Father,” states Ed. “It’s made me realize, without God we can’t do a thing. It’s brought the scripture from Romans 6, the wages of sin is death, to life for me. It’s the stark reality of a little child dying due to our brokenness; we are all broken and I’m broken to the point when I don’t even have the answers. We all need the Lord.”

2015 Street Race - 11

Prayer Points: Summer 2016

In partnership with the 3rd Annual TFC #RunYourStreet5K (completed June 18-25), The Forsaken Children’s Ethiopian Team hosted its annual street race for street children July 16th. We are so thankful the details came together to prepare and complete the race in Addis Ababa. Pray for the children that raced. Pray that their beautiful opportunity to be childlike and simply enjoy the fun experience will …


Team Ethiopia: Second Home

Being new to the team, The Forsaken Children’s Ethiopian Team, Onesimus seemed like complete strangers when we arrived, but leaving a week later they have all turned into family that we will never forget. One of the final statements made in the closing ceremony was that we were not leaving, but rather returning to our first home and we would be back to our second home, Ethiopia, soon. All the tears and laughter shared on this trip have made it the most unforgettable week.


Team Ethiopia: Welcome Ceremony

Today was the first day of being with the children and it was such a blessing! From the minute we drove into the Lutheran church the children were there smiling and waving. As soon as we stepped out of the van the children were right there laughing and hugging us. Their smiling faces were enough to make me forget about everything that we had passed on the way in. All the traffic, rain, and gloom were suddenly gone and all we could see were the bright smiling faces that welcomed us. Having the children be so open to hugs and holding hands was something I had never experienced before and it was one of the best feelings in the world. To see the love that they had for us even when they did not know us was something that I will never forget.